Using barefoot products brings tons of benefits is not a simple e-Commerce but a portal created to finally give clarity and information on this fabulous world.
Our work focuses above all on starting from what studies and many scientific researches say, arriving at our continuous collaboration with footwear manufacturers, up to endless tests and comparisons on products with the use of professional equipment.

To reap the maximum and safe benefits with the products we offer, it would be advisable to follow a transition path that can vary from person to person based on their physical characteristics, problems and objectives to be achieved.

For this reason, with each purchase, customers will have access to a reserved area where they can obtain information, ask for opinions or be followed by experts, in order to follow the most suitable, correct and fast path.

Using barefoot footwear in the right way has tons of benefits.

Here you will find some of them listed:

The right space is important

Having the right space for the toes leaves the joints free to move, feel and strengthen, this is essential for a correct movement that from the foot is then distributed throughout our body. Locking and bending the big toe inside is the first cause of hallux valgus that influences the whole body during everyday movement. Shoes must fit the foot ... not the other way around.

Our connection with our earth.

Like our hands, our feet have a network of thousands of sensors grounding sending sensations of temperature, texture and shape to our brains, thus activating the right muscles and senses to help us react for better stability, sensibility, circulation, temperature and balance. Barefoot shoes have thin soles that allow our feet to activate and learn. All our body, muscles, nerves and joints are connected to each other and all this starts from our feet which are our roots to perceive everything.

The correct foot movement

Physics teaches us that an object is stable when supported by at least three points. Even our foot has been designed to perform a movement in a precise three-point sequence, so as to ensure the right and non-traumatic distribution of weight and consequently stability throughout the body. The shoes that we offer barefoot reflect the same movement of the bare foot, which rarely happens with traditional shoes.

Where is the real technology?

The foot has a very complex structure, where there are 26 bones, 33 joints and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. There positions and interactions giving solutions to complex and very specific tasks. This is why your feet should not be forced and locked inside footwear. Barefoot products have only the minimum of protection that does not in any way block our foot into wrong movements and as a result, invites us to resume better posture and improves our functioning with every step..

Zero Drop = less load on the joints.

Raising the heel in footwear leads over time to shortening and trauma in our tendons. During the step, our bodies systems are speeded up by the correct rolling of the foot, leading to natural pronation of the foot. Many often recommend insoles or heels but unfortunately these only work as pain relievers, as they quickly release tensions but do not act on the real problem, solving it. The barefoot shoes we offer are all Zero drop = 0 with a thin sole, max 9 mm, to respect the natural movement.

Using barefoot shoes can ...


Only by recognising our postural habits in everyday life and sport can we act on finding an ideal path or products, for our wellbeing and improved health.

within one year gives up to 100%


Getting to the source of the problem is the best way to save alot and avoid products or services that are Not essential to feeling good. Remember that a problem is solved when we no longer have to spend money and time to feel good.

within one year gives up to 90%


Many avoid giving importance to the balance of our main systems that maintain the well-being of our body and will cause damage and injuries that need more training to be overcome. Optimize the basics by evaluating at 360 °. Just by knowing your mistakes and correcting them, every training session can become more effective and less traumatic.

within one year gives up to 70%

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