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The Auramat® Method has as its sole objective the promotion of health and a correct lifestyle through a guided conscious movement.
Auramat is an innovative method that exploits the benefits of acupressure, reflex therapy and magnetism to counter general tensions and increase awareness of body and mind.

Founded in 2008, today it has more than 250 Auramat® METHOD certified operators and as many medical-sports and wellness centers in which more than a thousand practitioners throughout Italy regularly carry out Auramat® METHOD classes.

Benefits on the body

Through the specific techniques taught in the Auramat® Method, we want to accompany people to regain possession of themselves through a path of awareness and thanks to the benefits of self-massage and regeneration.

This method makes use of the aid of different tools that allow you to practice exercises on different areas of the body: the platform allows you to counteract the stiffness of both the extremities such as feet and hands or specific areas such as the back.

Auramat® tools have been designed with the aim of stimulating the myofascial tissue, and each tool determines a precise level of stimulation linked to its geometric shape and the intensity of the spines.

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