Be Lenka Winter – Barefoot shoes – Black


Style meets function with Be Lenka’s barefoot boots, made with premium water-resistant leather, ultra-flexible outsole and merino wool lining with protective membrane to ensure dry, warm comfort all day long.


The wide toe design like our entire barefoot shoe collection allows for natural, unrestricted movement of the toes, thus ensuring comfort even during daily use. Barefoot shoes perfectly mimic walking barefoot, just as nature intended.

Features this model

✔️ Zero drop heel and toe
✔️ No toe hike
✔️ Ample space for the toes in the forefoot
✔️ Thin and flexible sole
✔️ Upper material: leather
✔️ Lining: Merino wool with protective membrane
✔️ Breathable
✔️ Use: free time



Be Lenka

Be Lenka is a small artisan company in the Czech Republic. It produces footwear with high quality materials of your choice between genuine leather or vegan fabrics. The wide front of the shoe offers excellent comfort, and allows a natural and unlimited movement of the foot thus ensuring comfort even during use all day. Human feet are built for unlimited movement. Be Lenka barefoot shoes with your feet to move freely, comfortably and naturally without any adjustments. They perfectly imitate walking barefoot, just like nature intended them to be. You will never pull them away.

Sizing and Fitting

Measure the width of your foot in the front and the length from heel to toe.
Remember that barefoot shoes must be abundant because the foot tends to stretch in the movement and therefore we advise you to choose for this model at least 1 cm of abundance from the size of your foot.

You can also download this pdf file and print the page that corresponds to your number and try to put your foot on it.
ATTENTION: Sometimes printers adapt the content to the sheet and therefore the measurements may be printed incorrectly.
Set the printer for 100% printing and before making tests check with a ruler if the number matches the table.

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