Freet – Flex Black


Everyday barefoot shoe suitable for sports and casual use. Now in Navy Blue for smaller sizes as well as Black for all sizes.
Read the “instructions for fitting this model” before placing your order.


Product Features

  • Durable, ultra-breathable mesh upper.
  • ConnectMax 2mm EVA midsole for excellent ground connectivity when worn without an insole.
  • Removable 2.5mm flexible insole to optimize fit and increase shock absorption.
  • Discreet 5in1 asymmetrical forefoot for a natural foot shape that allows the toes to spread naturally.
  • New high-performance AllRound sole for light contact, grip on all surfaces and durability.
  • Black with charcoal lining.
  • To be worn with or without socks.
  • For use in wetter and colder conditions, we recommend wearing our waterproof sock (sold separately).
  • Vegan product.
  • Sole height: 6.5mm with insole; 4mm without insole
  • Additional free laces.
  • These products feature FreetMesh (BreatheMesh or SilkMesh) and are suitable for everyday even in warmer conditions.
  • Sizes available from 37-48.



Freet's philosophy is to make you feel like you are barefoot even if you are not. Who doesn't like being barefoot on the grass and sand? You will have this feeling every time you wear them. The best materials, components and designs are used to make your daily experience and in sport a feeling of strong balance and natural movement. Different shoes for different purposes but always “fewer shoes”. If we go back in history you will understand that for thousands of years man has never had the need to wear shoes and did not have all the problems that we have now in today's society. This happens because with the introduction of the shoe and its evolution over time our feet (which should be the strongest part, our support) have lost their functionality. If we look at small children, for example, they often take off their shoes on every occasion, because it is unnatural for them that their feet are locked inside something. We complain of injuries to our knees, backs, hips, and we are actually strangling the amazing network of muscles, ligaments and nerves in our feet that have been adjusted to meet our movement needs. We spend most of our lives in shoes with feet unable to flex and move naturally.

Sizing & Fitting

In the table below you will find the precise measurements of this model. However, please read carefully the information regarding sizes where we explain how to choose the right number.Read more

Sizes Flex

Size 37/233mm length, 92mm width, Size 38/240mm length, 94mm width, Size 39/246mm length, 96mm width, Size 40/252mm length, 99mm width, Size 41/258mm length, 101mm width, Size 42/264mm length, 103mm width, Size 43/270mm length, 105mm width, Size 44/276mm length, 107mm width, Size 45/283mm length, 109mm width, Size 46/291mm length, 110mm width, Size 47/300mm length, 112mm width, Size 48/307mm length, 114mm width

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