Vibram Fivefingers – KSO EVO woman


KSO EVO is the lowest model and in contact with the ground of the fivefingers home.
Ideal for small indoor and outdoor functional activities.




The Fivefingers are in effect shoes. Designed and produced by Vibram (an Italian company), they were launched in 2004. The project was born from the idea of giving the possibility to the wearer the sensation of walking everywhere as if with bare feet. It has always been recognized how many are the benefits of being barefoot but we know that the current society we live in does not allow us to do so. The fivefingers fit like a glove in our feet, letting them move as they would like and as they were designed. Protected the right in the sole, just enough to safeguard us from the current hygienic conditions and types of soil. Different models available that differ from the intended use; Indoor, outdoor, running, trekking, water sports and much more. Now vibram has studied different soles for each type of sport and intensity, always leaving the right freedom in movement.

Sizing and Fitting

The Fivefingers have a fit that can change from person to person. Being made of fabric that wraps each toe and there are hundreds of different foot shapes what we recommend is to take into account the measurement from the heel to the longest toe.
They must fit quite precise and no more than half a centimeter in length.

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