Natural running

We were born to run, nature has made us perfect for this activity and science confirms that it is the best thing we can do for our life: it keeps us healthy, regains weight, keeps the brain active, relieves stress. and reduces anxiety, boosts metabolism, recharges physical and mental energies. And in fact the runners are constantly increasing. So why do 80 percent of them suffer injuries? Daniele Vecchioni, an international running expert and creator of the Natural Running® method, clearly illustrates the reasons for this “epidemic”, questioning many widespread beliefs about running and revealing which are the most frequent errors. In this book he explains his revolutionary approach – based on scientific studies and on the comparison with athletes and coaches – which allows us to restructure muscles, tendons and joints in order to make our body suitable to support the activity of running. Thousands of people are applying it in Italy and abroad with extraordinary results: it allows you to return to move naturally, run more efficiently, increasing endurance and speed, without trauma. A method that will forever change the way we walk and run, giving us an optimal psychophysical shape and giving us the real pleasure of running.

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