Running Revolution

The human body was born to run and there is a natural way to do it by making the most of our biomechanics, making muscles and joints work without damaging them and reaching maximum speed and resistance. Sedentary lifestyle, wrong shoes and questionable techniques have changed the natural posture we can see in any running child.
With the Pose method, Dr. Romanov, an internationally renowned trainer who has twice won the Olympics with his athletes, has developed a technique that first of all answers fundamental questions such as:
– Does landing on the heel mean running the wrong way? (Yup)
– Should I put the forefoot first? (Yup)
– Should I run barefoot? (Not necessarily).
Secondly, it allows you to run making the most of the force of gravity, increases the perception of your weight and sensations, allowing optimal control of the athletic gesture.
The Posespiega method explains to both beginners and experienced runners (including ultramarathon runners and ironmen) everything they need to know to master a safer and more efficient way to run, capable of guaranteeing improved performance (speed, endurance, strength), minimize wear and tear on the body, and then continue running throughout life.

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