Vibram Furoshiki – New Yorker oslo


LATEST NUMBERS AVAILABLE !! Winter Vibram Furoshiki New Yorker – with Vibram sole for excellent grip.

Vibram’s most advanced gripping system for cold climates.



Inspired by New Yorkers in the winter season, who juggle work on the go, the balance of life every day. This footwear is designed to keep one warm on cold and wet roads while maintaining a clean look and a feel focused on practicality.

Vibram Furoshiki shoes are shoes called “The Wrapping sole” or “the soles that wrap the foot” and the name “Furoshiki” derives from the Japanese art of wrapping objects in cloth drapes.

These shoes were born to wear for every day, travel, leisure or to wear as a recovery after a sporting activity or after work to reactivate the foot that with normal shoes does not have the opportunity to work as it would like.




The concept of this type of footwear derives from the Japanese custom of wrapping items by wrapping them in fabric. Furoshiki is the only sole on the market that wraps the entire foot. Since the upper is constructed with stretch fabric, it adapts perfectly to any type of foot and the hook and loop closure system allows for a quick and easy fit. Powered by our revolutionary Vibram sole technology, Furoshiki offers comfort in any environment! It also fits perfectly on travel and each couple comes with their own travel case. The ultimate travel footwear companion, offering protection, grip and comfort.

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