Pies Sucios

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The feet are the base that supports the rest of the body, both at the level of movement and at the postural level, and in Pies Sucios we believe that the best for them is total freedom, without restrictions. Our name reflects this: Pies Sucios is Spanish for ‘dirty feet’, and there is nothing freer than bare feet, which get dirty because they are able to touch the ground, feel the textures and the environment. Our ‘dirt’ is a metaphor for that freedom, and our goal is to create footwear that allows you to achieve that freedom by eliminating inconvenience.

Our project was born in the year 2010, as a result of the frustrated search for footwear that met our requirements for freedom and comfort. Currently we design and manufacture minimalist footwear, understanding minimalism as the minimum essential for footwear to be functional. And the most important thing is that we are also users of our products, so we know what we manufacture and we are always attentive to any improvement that may be made.

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