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The best barefoot shoes for everyday life, work and sport, many benefits at every step.

REAL barefoot shoes must have:

Minimum sole height and drop

Sole height should be less than 9mm and there should be no height difference between heel and forefoot.

Maximum flexibility

When bending the shoe, it should be flexible enough to fit into your hand.

Correct toe space

The front of the shoe must have ample space to allow the toes to spread and move freely.

No toe rise

The front toe of the shoe must not be raised higher but level with the entire sole.

Let's wake up Let's get active

Our ancestors have walked barefoot for millions of years. Greeks and Romans wore sandals and traveled all over the world covering miles and miles; now we are taught that we need protective shoes to walk well.

Finally you can go out, work, play sports with the benefits of being barefoot.

they keep the foot smooth and healthy with every step

We follow you on your right path

Buy a product and you will receive discounts, training, support from our team of experts.

This site is not a simple e-Commerce but a portal created to finally give clarity and information on the footwear world, stemming from studies and scientific research and our continuous collaboration with manufacturers using countless tests on footwear with professional equipment .

Using barefoot shoes can lead to ..

In one year up to 100%
In one year up to 90%
In one year up to 70%

Open a Barefoot specialty store

We will give you advanced training, tools, products, and methods to get you started.

Collaborate as a Barefoot specialist

For doctors, physiotherapists, personal trainers, who have knowledge or want to know more.

ATTENTION NOT ALL shoes called barefoot are real barefoot

All proposed footwear have been tested and evaluated in our laboratory.

Some of our satisfied customers!

"I recently arrived at the barefoot world but I did not know who to contact, here I found products and training and now I have been using them for a month and my ailments are practically gone"

Diego Antre​

"A friend recommended these shoes to me and I was very skeptical at first. I got the Be Lanka and have been using them everyday at work Now I can't wear anything else"

Silvia Rangheri

"I started reading the book entitled Born to Run and being a personal trainer I wanted to try the Freet flex during my lessons. You hardly realize you are wearing them.. Now I also got the model for everyday activities."

Andrea Friggerio
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