Does not exist a miracle product

But we can be the ones to improve

Only with this awareness can we try to rebuild what we have lost, starting from eliminating our vices, thanks also to the constant help of footwear that will foster this path.

Here are listed the symbols that we have included in each product to facilitate the choice of the one that best suits your needs.

As has already been happening for some time in many other European countries and in the world, even in Italy the number of users who want to approach the barefoot world with the desire to get information as much as possible on the subject, the search for methods and products that better and faster can lead to achieving their goals.
Unfortunately, however, this increase in demand has also fueled a market that does not always guarantee the same results but which, instead, is very often aimed at the sole purpose of selling more.

In fact certain terms like; minimal, barefoot or natural, as they are not prohibited or regulated by any specific standard, they are used and placed on products for the sole purpose of obtaining an economic profit by satisfying only the new requests to which it was not able to respond.
We want to try as much as possible to give clarity and truth by starting to test each product by evaluating its real functioning, comparing it with the data of the companies that produce them and of the scientific ones in order to give as much clarity as possible and protect the consumer.

On each product proposed on our portal you will find acronyms that will help you better select the product based on your needs and needs for use. In addition, with each purchase on our portal you will have access to a reserved area with contents to be consulted for a safer and more effective use of the product.

Sole height

Scientific data and also our technical laboratory tests confirm footwear that exceeds 9 mm of sole condition our feet to no longer work properly.
A stronger and more prepared person can easily overcome this limit but for those who start it is essential stay below.
More information soon ..


Flexibility is important, the more flexible the shoe the safer we are our feet will be able to work in an unconditioned way. We have put 5 classification levels from 1 to 5 where 5 are those shoes with the maximum flexibility and 1 those that have the most deficiency but fall within the limits. More information soon ..

Larghezza pianta piede

A barefoot shoe cannot be barefoot if the space in the forefoot of the shoes tightens and restricts the movement of our toes. Each of us has its own foot width and this classification can give you more idea of what to choose.
Cataloged as 5 are the widest ones in the forefoot while those 1 are obviously acceptable but not ideal who already has a lot of foot largo.
More information soon ..

Vegan or Genuine Leather

For those who also consider it essential to respect and protect the environment, some companies are keen to specify the origin of the materials that make up their shoes.
By Vegan we mean those shoes that do not use materials from animals and / or have little or no impact on the eco system.
We report what the various companies certify of their products.
A brief introduction ..

General judgment

We have included on each product a final general judgment calculated on various aspects that concern; instrumental tests performed on each product, durability, above parameters, conditions and types of use, feedback from those who have been using them for some time, comparisons and improvements undertaken with the parent companies.
Each product will certainly have some parameter that will win over others but our judgment will tend to give more points to those products that are closest and closest to the philosophy of barefoot products and which companies work constantly in research and development to improve them.
5 will be those products that we believe are more useful on many aspects, but beware, many products even classified as 1 are sometimes penalized only by the fact that they cannot be used by everyone or are aimed at a specific niche of users.

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