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Be Lenka Ace are stylish, hand made high-quality barefoot sneakers specially made to give you all the benefits of barefoot shoes with a trendy design to go perfectly with your entire casual wardrobe collection – Jeans, Chinos, skirts, track pants, shorts, you name it. A special barefoot sole with a thickness of 4 mm guarantees you the highest walking comfort. Sophisticated and breathable premium materials used to make the Be Lenka Ace barefoot have been carefully chosen and precisely crafted to ensure durability and ergonomic fit that further enhances the comfort of barefoot shoes.

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Description & Specifications


  • Upper: Textile (100 % Polyester)
  • Lining: Textile (50 % Polyamide + 50 % Polyurethane)
  • Insole: 100% Cotton + Polyurethane foam
  • Sole: TPU

Barefoot shoe attributes

Wide foot-shaped toe box
Thin & flexible sole
Zero heel elevation
Zero toe spring

Barefoot Be Lenka Ace are stylish textile barefoot sneakers, suitable for casual use, in both urban and natural surroundings.

Thanks to the breathable textile material, they are perfectly suited for warm spring/summer days, they also come with removable insole for easy maintenance and hygiene.

Supremely flexible and just 4 mm thick sole enables unrestricted & natural movement of the foot. Combined with the wide front part of the shoe which enables the toes to wiggle freely, guarantees comfort even during all-day use.

Type of shoes: urban footwear

The shoes are suitable for, yoga, pilates, gym workouts (weight training), casual walking & jogging.


Be Lenka

Be Lenka is a small artisan company in the Czech Republic. It produces footwear with high quality materials of your choice between genuine leather or vegan fabrics. The wide front of the shoe offers excellent comfort, and allows a natural and unlimited movement of the foot thus ensuring comfort even during use all day. Human feet are built for unlimited movement. Be Lenka barefoot shoes with your feet to move freely, comfortably and naturally without any adjustments. They perfectly imitate walking barefoot, just like nature intended them to be. You will never pull them away.

Determining the correct Be Lenka shoe size for your feet is a two-step process:

Measure your feet

  • Place a piece of paper on a flat surface (avoid soft carpet or cobblestone surfaces).
  • Place your foot on the paper (you must be standing, not sitting, during the measurement).
  • Put your weight on your foot as this process stretches it.
  • Take a pencil and mark the heel and the point furthest from the heel – the longest measurement.
  • Use a ruler and measure the difference between these two points.
  • Do the same for the second foot (the difference could be +/- 0.5 cm).
  • The number you get is your foot size (not your shoe size, as standard shoe size may be misleading).
  • Next take your foot measurement (the number you got by measuring both feet) then add 5 to 12 mm (the ideal leeway). The total is the final measurement you are looking for. The margin for maneuver can reach up to 18 mm, because we must think that physiologically the foot lengthens during movement and/or could do so over time. So if you’re used to seeing little abundance in traditional barefoot shoes you have to take space into consideration.
  • In winter models, the leeway can be even greater, especially if you plan to wear thicker socks. On the contrary, in summer sandals it can be smaller due to the open toe.

Compare the measurements now

  • Comparing your foot measurements to the Be Lenka shoe size chart on each product page.
  • The size chart shows the internal length and width of the particular shoe model.

  • You can also download this pdf file and print the page that corresponds to your number and try to place your foot on it taking into account the abundances specified above.
  • ATTENTION: Sometimes printers fit the content to the sheet and therefore the measurements may be printed incorrectly. Set the printer for 100% printing and before testing check with a ruler if the number matches the table.
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