Rock Spring – Dresden Nubuck TDM woman


Elegant shoe in genuine quality nubuck leather created by craftsmen. Soft and foldable, ideal for everyday use at work or leisure. Excellent price quality. Very tight fit, check directions below.



Pagamento sicuro garantito

Product description

  • Upper: leather
  • Insole: hypoallergenic microfibre
  • Sole: TPU – heat treated rubber (flexible soft and non-slip sole)

DRESDEN lace-up shoe entirely in leather with added insole.

This shoe is exceptional in that it rolls up easily and adheres perfectly to the foot during every movement.

The non-slip raw rubber sole is 4 mm high and perfectly flexible.

The style and workmanship of the materials is very elegant and especially suitable for the city to wear all day long.

This is a 100% Portugal handmade product including premium quality leather, insole and sole.

Handmade Strobel footwear guarantees true comfort and long life of all materials.

The leather comes from the best Portuguese tanneries

The best features of this leather are its elasticity, softness, absorption, design and natural colour

From an ecological point of view, the skins are a by-product of animal production and it is a sustainable production in relation to the environment.

All our leathers meet the REACH certification according to the EU classification.

For the measurement, carefully read the indications.



Rock Spring

Nuovo Brand Della Repubblica Ceka che produce e commercializza scarpe di ogni genere. Brand economico ma di qualità. Selezioniamo per il mercato Italiano solo i prodotti barefoot che abbiano in pieno le caratteristiche basi funzionali e sane per rispettare la salute di chi le indossa.


  • A pencil
  • A4 sheet of paper

Place the paper on the floor (not on the carpet) ideally against the wall.

Stand on the paper with your heel against the wall with all your weight (do not sit while taking the measurement), hold the pencil perpendicular to your foot and make a mark at the longest and widest point of your foot.

Measure the length on the paper with a ruler.

The result is the actual length of the foot.

Measure the other foot the same way, the length of each foot may vary.

To the length of the foot, add an excess of 0.5 – 1 cm, necessary because the foot physiologically lengthens and re-tightens during the step now that the arch is free to work.

Based on the measured foot length + excess, we already select the shoe size according to the table.

Each Rock Spring model may fit differently so check the table below for each model but using the measurement and abundance procedure just mentioned.

For example: the foot measures 25 cm at its longest point.

To this we add a minimum excess of 0.5 cm. The resulting number is 25.5 cm. So, according to the table below, I will choose shoes in size 41.

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