SKINNERS 2.0 Anthracite


Skinners sock. This exceptional product can function as both a shoe and a sock. You can use it both indoors and outdoors in your free time and sports. Resistant, waterproof and non-slip sole resistant in all conditions and over time. The 2.0 version additionally has a 2mm thin perforated insole for an additional level of comfort. With improved moisture wicking ability, your feet stay comfortable and dry. You can remove or insert it whenever you want.


Pagamento sicuro garantito

Skinners The combination of natural and artificial fibers (with light compression) guarantees perfect fit, comfort, moisture absorption and resistance.

You can use these socks on many occasions during the day or in sports where complete and healthy movement of the foot is needed.

Product Description

  • Antibacterial yarns with pure silver (Ag +)
  • Tip protection
  • Stretch knit fabric
  • Anti-abrasive
  • Swedish polymer
  • Waterproof base
  • Adhesive and double layer without phthalate
  • Weight: 80 g, Height: 2 mm + 2 mm removable insole
  • Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL see sizes section


48% Polypropylene Siltex (Ag+)
18% Viscose
18% Cotton
9% Elastane (Lycra)
4% Polyester
3% Polyamide

Possible uses:

Running, Cycling, Camping & Hiking, Walking, Travel, Water Sports, Roller Skating, Yoga, Office, Fitness.



1- SOCKS OR SHOES? Skinners are a new product that combines the freedom of a sock and the protection of a shoe. 2- DO I WEAR THEM WITH OR WITHOUT SOCKS? As you prefer, they are still antibacterial and anti-odor. 3- ARE THEY RESISTANT? We have covered hundreds of miles and have shown greater durability than numerous running shoes. They are designed to last: the sole is anti-abrasion and anti-cut, the mesh and the sole are fused together and there are no glues that could yield over time. 4- DO I WEAR THEM IMMEDIATELY FOR HOURS? Most barefoot footwear requires a body adaptation to walk without the shoes we are used to. In fact, it is possible that the use of constricting or rigid footwear for a long time may have caused you to weaken the muscles and tendons of your foot. It is therefore advisable to train them gradually to regain their strength. We recommend that you start walking on natural or soft surfaces in the first 2 days, and then start walking short distances and finally increase use for an extra hour every day. 5- ARE THEY SUITABLE FOR RUNNING? It is almost like running barefoot, but protected. For long runs on asphalt, similar surfaces or dangerous environments where you do not run barefoot, it is better to evaluate the footwear you usually use in these cases. 6- ARE THEY PRODUCED BY FACTORIES THAT POLLUTE THE WORLD? We respect people, animals and the environment. In fact, we produce the Skinners by hand in Europe. We strictly comply with European Union legislation and do not use any toxic plasticizers. In fact, our compounds are completely free of phthalates and production waste is reduced to below 1%. 7- HOW DO I WASH THEM? Machine wash on a light cycle at 30 °. Once washed, hang them to dry and in no time they are ready for new adventures. 8- HEY, THERE IS NO SUPPORT FOR THE FOOT ARCH ... According to some medical studies, 97% of the population is born with healthy feet, so in most cases no arch supports are required. The Skinners were developed in collaboration with medical experts in orthopedics and podiatry who are based on these studies.

It must fit snugly like a normal sock.

Elastic fabric that adheres to the foot.

If you print this PDF file you will be able to choose the correct size best suited to your foot.

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