Put on Freet shoes

Here's how to choose the right number of Freet.

We immediately specify that the Freet models are unisex and do not differ from men and women.
Some of the FREET models have a tight fit so it will be normal to turn out that the number that suits you is 1 or 2 and sometimes 3 numbers higher than what you usually wear (eg: normally in sports shoes you wear a 42 then the Freet very likely you will have to buy a 44). This is only due to a mistake in the conversion of the numbers on some models.

Among other things, we would like to underline a very important aspect on the general fit of BAREFOOT shoes;
I compare traditional shoes, which usually want them to be perfect adhering to the foot, while barefoot ones must dress at least 1 cm wider. This is because they are made on purpose to leave the foot free to expand, in the push phase (especially in the most intense activities). In fact, not being blocked and supported by orthotics, the plantar fascia tends to extend and lengthen, a totally natural function that we need to improve adherence by activating the stabilizing muscles.

Don’t worry because now we will explain how to FIND YOUR NUMBER

We have noticed that the numbering in cm unlike the European, UK and US numbers are correct with the real size of your foot, so we advise you to take a shoe that you normally use in sport or daily life in which you fit the right and try to measure the length of the inner sole (as shown in the figure), then compare the measurement with the table found in the description on the product page.
If you have carefully measured and calculated the right abundance, the European number corresponding to mm will be the one to buy.

We advise you to take at least half a centimeter or better still 1 cm more if you did not have much abundance in your shoe, this is because with the Freet the foot must be as free as possible and it is better longer than shorter.
Among other things, rehabilitating the movement of the foot in a natural way, the foot often tends to lengthen and widen slightly.
In this way the scapre will last you longer for sure.

Remember to cut your toenails – especially the big toe!

The measurements found below in cm (in yellow) are the measurements of the insoles inside the Freet and in green the corresponding number you have to buy.

Attention: On the page of each product within the description (at the bottom) you will find the precise length measurements for each model so that you can calculate your number with the indications on this page.

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